How nutrition plays a crucial role in sports and sports betting

While sports are usually fair contests between equal competitors, a lot goes on behind the scenes that ensure athletes are at top performance. Nutrition and training are the main factors. Nutrition is the only legal performance enhancer. In fact, which nutritionist a player has can have a considerable influence on an athlete’s performance and could even determine whether they win or lose.

nutrition in sports

Sports are for everyone. 

Sports are for everyone. According to doctors, people should get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, for good health. Doctors recommend an extra 75 minutes of vigorous exercise for healthy and young people. Of course, exercise is just half the story. Eating well ensures that your body has the fuel it needs to perform exercise, the building blocks to repair damaged tissue and build muscle, and the micronutrients needed to regulate your body chemistry. 

NFL Players

NFL players are some of the most advanced athletes in the world, and they have to eat well to keep up with their completion. They need to focus on eating a lot, since they burn thousands of calories during training and competition, but stay away from unhealthy foods. Having an unhealthy bodyweight will ultimately slow them down, making them more susceptible to injury and infections. 

Most NFL athletes focus on eating large amounts of protein to maintain muscle mass, while finding the right balance of slow carbs for energy during a match. They also have to eat the fruits and vegetables to maintain their metabolic balance of vitamins and minerals.


This is where supplements come in. While it can sometimes be hard to consume large amounts of protein, having supplements in powder form helps athlete consume the necessary nutrition. At the same time, it is much easier for the human body to consume liquids instead of solids. This limits the time the athletes need to absorb nutrients, leading to faster recovery times.

MMA Fighters

MMA athletes have a similar situation. In a sport where any contest can see you knocked out, gravely injured, or unable to compete for months or even years, fighters need every benefit they can get, real or imagined. To make matters more complicated, MMA fighters must show up at an event at a contracted weight. This weight is often several kilos below the weight they walk around at every day. Weight management is a crucial part of their training camp. 

MMA fighters who struggle with weight and nutrition often are often on the losing end of fight, and it is very unprofessional not to show up at the contracted weight, as it could lead to the fight being cancelled, and it messes up the rankings. 

How nutrition influences fight outcomes

All of the top athlete in the UFC have personal nutrition coaches who make sure they are energized, on weight, fit, strong, and with cardio that last at least 15 gruelling minutes. Nutritionists such as George Lockhart were essential in creating meal plans for world champions such as Conor McGregor. 

How to use this information in sports betting

Knowing who a particular fighter’s nutritionist is can be a great help in choosing your pick for sports betting. Several fighters have had career resurgences after switching to a new nutrition coach. So next time that you are betting on sports online, this is one thing to consider.