Biggest Workout Mistakes

You’ve decided that this year would be the one in which you would begin working out in earnest. You’ve perhaps joined a gym, ordered a Fitbit or purchased a new pair of athletic shoes to inspire your success. I just want to add to your enthusiasm with some tips on how to optimise your workouts and keep yourself injury free while you reach your fitness goals. Here are the five biggest workout mistakes and some advice to avoid them.

Concentrating on Developing One Muscle Group. If you’re like most of us, you want to develop your abdominal muscles. You’ll know that you’ve made significant progress once you see a well-defined six pack replace your soft muffin top across your midsection. To get this type of definition, you may think that you have to do a lot of ab exercises. According to the experts, you may already have your set of dream abdominals, but they’re hiding under a thick layer of fat. Instead of doing a ton of sit-ups or plank moves, they advise increasing the intensity of your cardiovascular workouts and doing regular, full-body strength training to burn off the fat.

Forgetting About Rest Days. You know that you need to work out hard. However, did you know that you need to actively rest too? Rest days are used by the body to rebuild its muscles that have been broken down by intense strength training.

Not Increasing Intensity Over Time. You work out hard for a month and see results. After that month, you stop seeing any progress. To avoid this type of workout plateau, increase the intensity of your workouts periodically by adding extra weight, repetitions or cardio intervals. Keep a workout journal to document your progress.

Sleep Deprivation. Chronic insomnia slows muscle recovery in between strength training sessions. To get better sleep, avoid stimulants such as coffee and tea.

Forsaking the Experts. All of these mistakes can be easily corrected if you decide to employ a certified personal trainer. A good trainer can generate a customised workout plan that is based on your specific fitness goals. They can watch and correct your body movements so that you don’t injure yourself while you fully challenge your muscles. Besides their knowledge of the human anatomy and kinesiology, personal trainers are great resources because they can craft high-energy fitness routines that inspire you to do your best. A few personal training sessions with a reputable fitness trainer are definitely worth the investment.